Cut Your Wedding Costs

From: SheKnows

Budget Breaker #1: Expensive save-the-dates

How to Avoid It: Go DIY with your save-the-dates.
Get creative with a card kit from craft stores like Michaels or Jo-Ann, or make life easy and print out free save-the-dates on a website like Remember: Your save-the-dates give guests their first glimpse at your wedding style, so consider using a postcard theme if you’re having a destination wedding or incorporating a black-and-white engagement photo for a more vintage vibe.

Budget Breaker #2: Bulky invitation suites

How to Avoid It: Ditch the inserts.
You know those blank pieces of paper that go inside most invitations? Guess what? They’re totally unnecessary! Save hundreds of dollars by skipping this super-formal tradition. The extra paper may be a little too much, especially if you have a casual wedding style, and your invites will be more eco-friendly as well. Plus, there are some details you can just put on your wedding web page, like lodging information.

Budget Breaker #3: Hidden costs on chairs

How to Avoid It: Say good-bye to chair covers.
Depending on your wedding vision, fancy chair covers might be one more “don’t really need it” item to scratch off the list. Skipping this decorative add-on can save you anywhere from a few hundred to a couple thousand dollars. If you’re having a formal reception and want your chairs to have an extra detail, avoid renting or buying covers and go with a sash in your wedding colors instead.

Budget Breaker #4: Multiple menu choices

How to Avoid It: Minimize the menu.
It’s a wedding, not a five-star restaurant, so whoever said you have to offer fish, chicken, and steak at your reception needs a reality check. If you’re a foodie, then go ahead and splurge on your menu (and maybe save with smaller centerpieces or a DJ). If not, serve plates with duos, like a crab cake and small cut filet, so guests can have a taste of everything and you don’t pay for wasted entrees.

Budget Breaker #5: 100+ boxes of chocolates, lottery tickets, or ornaments

How to Avoid It: Forget the favors.
Between the food, music, and drinks, most people won’t miss a tiny picture frame or deck of playing cards with your monogram on the box. If you can’t imagine your wedding without take-home treats, set up a table with a candy bar and cellophane bags so guests can get a quick sweet fix on their way out.

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